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A product is 50% what it is in terms of materials and usability and 50% what it represents, which is what its producer has to say. So. You’re the producer.
What do you have to say and how are you going to say it?

“Err...” is not good enough. You need something more original, catchy, sophisticated, prominent, and you need it to cut through the information jam, straight into the core of the public opinion. That’s what we are here for.

Nunsinz (or nonsense as it should be pronounced and as not many Greeks have deciphered yet) is a very ordinary small business advertising company, that tends to produce inteligent advertising for inteligent consumers, respecting the client and his marketing strategy and the target audience and their status and their money, and also the client’s ever-lusting competition, and the advertising company’s ever-wasting competitors, too.

In other words, Nunsinz has nothing special to offer to the market, and therefore claim its share. We are lesser than the average nobodies. No titanic multinational clients in our CV, no glimmering awards, not even a CV, actually.

We are here because we love our job, we love designing and affecting public opinion, innovation, we love creating brands that play their own nice little roles in f***ing up the general social environment, we know how to do it, and, if we don’t know, we’re very happy to find out, sometimes even to invent it anew, and since we see to it that every project accomplishes its perfectly integrated completion, we cannot possibly go wrong.

We are here because we have invested in academic and experiential qualifications on the subject, and we dream of days when high quality and high fidelity communication will take over and make the world a better place, and we would like to take part in it.

However, we feel that the days of communication are really over, and we are here to participate in the utter crap that is broadcasted in all types of media, every single moment. We don’t mean to fool anybody that there is any sense in anything of what we do to earn our living, other than the satisfaction of the extreme necessity of advertising in a world of crammed information, no self esteem and worn-out atmosphere.

Someone who wants his product or services advertised, can choose a giant advertising company to pay for a glossy fairy-tale that will prove profitable two out of ten times, or he can choose a Greek-ling of an advertising company to pay for its owner’s latest yacht that will prove profitable for the yacht import company also two out of ten times, or choose Nunsinz to pay for the classy modesty and sincerety of the morons who run it, that will prove profitable two point five out of ten times. That’s a bargain!

We are nice and friendly, well educated people (freaks and nurds and misfits to be commonly precise), who can hardly stand the hostility of the Athenean inteligence-free market-place, yet sentimental enough to believe that we are on the right spot for a totally indifferent and worthless thing like Nunsinz to take place. Where else can be found more teachers of the art than practitioners? And so many security guards of some sort?

We are based in the wonderful city-center of the magical capitol city of Greece, Athens, the legendary birthplace of democracy, where the people firstly got the right to publicly express their opinion (even though they never really had one), and thus the self-corruptive evolution of the Western Civilisation was initiated. Athens, these days, is a very tight and stinky place. We are here following the enlightenment of the strictly academic book: Rohan Candappa’s “The Little Book of Stress – Calm is for wimps, get real, get stressed”, which is: “FART IN CONFINED SPACES. BUT ONLY IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE PRESENT.” (Ebury Press, London, 1998).
Mainly what we do is handling information, manipulating it, presenting it and making sure it gets through to the public. We don’t physically harm anyone, although what we do gets very close to what terrorism is about. We just make “here is the economy toilet tissue” feel like “welcome to the karmic landmark, where the dream-of-your-lifetime all-diseases antidote is irrevocably yours for only 9999.99 euros, if you pay for it right now; don’t miss this unique chance to experience the happiest purchase in history, oh ye most wonderfull of all wonders, or ye are going to die suffering from multiple anal infections in a few amazingly long hours, and everyone is gonna laugh at you and remember you as a dirty ass for-ever-after”. That kind of thing. We create stress.

Should you still be thinking that graphic and advertising design is simply the routine technical handling of a video, a printer, and illegal copies of Photoshop, Quark, Flash and Final Cut, things you just cannot come round doing by your-divine-self, give up! we have all got more important things to worry about, why don’t you visit a porn site and watch some football and hire someone professional to run the marketing of your business for you?

If however any of the above looks uncannily familiar and copied from somewhere like a fiction-novel, check the spelling and you will see that certain idioms are deliberately introduced and positioned at strategic places in the text for the linguistics experts to make out our signature and prove thus the authenticity and credibility of this document. (not even Greek humour, this last one).

Our time-table is organised according to the clarity, the importance and potential of each case, the progress of the investigation and the research needed, the media involved, and the co-operativeness of the client. As creativity is a very delicate process, and creative people are very fragile, we have to force ourselves to take breaks and live social lives, or else we miss the point and perform poorly. Yet, we are accustomed to tough deadlines and always meet them (unless the price isn’t right). We are quite flexible with compensation, but let it be clear that we don’t work for free. We are always structuring our designs around the will and the wishes of the people we work for, we incorporate their ideas in a genetic mix with ours, and their input is most welcome to help define the nature of the case, the final designs sometimes bearing their aesthetic signature as much as ours, in acknowledgment of the fact that great original designs have sprung out of impossible combinations; but we are not very fond of clients who get too involved with our work and dictate our path of action, as some equally great original designs were accidentally spat out from initial intuitive response to the briefings. We own the expertise to judge what can do well and what cannot in the market, and we never deliver anything we are not satisfied with.

In the opportune case of you finding all this very appealing, attractive and intoxicating, and you have a considerable budget to spend on advertising (regardless of the product), or you know someone else who does meet this last requirement, please, do not hesitate and contact us, pronto! On second thought, if it concerns that someone else, get him to contact us himself.

Now you get the idea, eh? No? If you’re still confused, make your inquiries at the 18+ forum. That’s what it’s there for, besides the other stuff. Not if you don’t plan to spend money doing Nunsinz business though, in that case, watch a Monty Pythons instead, or find something else to do with the forum.

And if it’s all Greek to you, it’s because it’s in English, you Greek geek!



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