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(all lyrics by Nick Dachris except 'Frog' by Zoe Dachris)



01. The Sweetest Death
02. Puppettoid
03. Messiah III
04. Rain of Stars
05. Heat
06. Antivirus
07. Starcry
08. Bugdad
09. Coal Dance
10. The 7th Moon
11. Charm 2
12. Frog
13. Eternal Misery
14. Feigning Pleasure


01. THE SWEETEST DEATH - back to tracklist

...Feels like frost-
ice melting slowly;
hot, summer afternoon
on the caldera walls of Santorini...
...Feels like the sweetest death that might befall my senses:
The pain of loneliness and solitude
blooming within all forms of ecstasy.
...Feels like I’m born bound to the light of a black sun.
...Feels like I’ve never learnt at all to hide and run.
...Feels like dust.

Forever burn under the rays of your black sun,
Like ruins of fate, of wasted love and dreams undone.

02. PUPPETTOID - back to tracklist

How many words,
how many reasons,
to say 'I love you'
and 'goodbye'?

How many stabs,
how many treasons,
how many wrongs,
how many times?

How many shots,
how many poisons,
how many falls
to stay down?

How many walls,
how many fusions,
how many wars
to have fun?

How many deaths
will meet the Joker?
How far is now
the moon?

How many nights
of pain and sorrow?
How many tears
every dawn?

Will you, please,
Will you please me?
Will you hug me,

Stop the pain,
stop the horror!
Make me smile!
Make me come!

Can you, please,
can you kiss me?
Can you kill me,

And in the morning,
drink your coffee,
smoke your fag and
go to work?



03. MESSIAH III - back to tracklist

(hey, bitch, fatherland...)

Here comes religious desire
Here comes redemption for hire
Here comes promotion to mire
Here comes the porn-star messiah
Liar Liar!

Here is the whip and the fire
Here’s dad, the giant-dick sire
Here’s mom, the super-fuck dire
Here is the promised messiah
Liar Liar!

Bow to the triumph of hopelessness, the media, the drugs!
Worship my sexual diastrophe, your meritless cash!
Liar Liar!

Help me pull the trigger
Help me cut the rope
No time for apologies
of which there exist none

Don’t think
Just run
Don’t look for the escape door
Look for Exit 1

In silence the brain rebels
finds time to realise
that noise controls the mind
and revolution dies

Chaos, democracy, the purpose the higher
Advertisement, fashion, the killer-messiah
Mass entertainment, sports of the spire
Hero, prime-idiot,
liar, liar!

Bow to the triumph of hopelessness, the media, the drugs!
Worship my sexual diastrophe, your meritless cash!
Liar Liar!
Liar Liar!
Liar Liar!
Liar Liar!

04. RAIN OF STARS - back to tracklist

It's all the good men who suffer
and all the assholes have fun.

They like destroying lives.
They like hiding behind tyranny and command.

I glimpse a shooting star
and I wish it travels far
and I wish it takes me along.

Rain of stars.

05. HEAT - back to tracklist

In the heat, demons.

Secret thoughts,
silent ghosts - touching.
Fallen gods - peer
into my dreams
through your eyes.
Shadows crawl - fever;
Eyes of demons.
Sweat - myrrh - randy beat;
Sensual moves - slowly,
dark and light,
flesh and sin - fear...
Are you wet - underneath...?

Scavenger of repression,
plain desire - plain rules:
here and now - trick or treat?
Angels crush,
scream and spit -
Napalm sweet -
burning, melting
the past...
in the heat. Demons,

in the heat - demons.

06. ANTIVIRUS - back to tracklist

What is there to stand for when all is hollow misconception?
What does there remain to believe in when all proves deception?
What have we done wrong to deserve exile and seclusion?
Why can’t we be like everyone else part of the grand illusion?

No longer can we breath clean air, we’re addicts to sedation.
The sun shines cancer to our skins and TV, medication.
Cement and mice and cockroaches are all we’ve got as nature.
our best mate is despair and ol’ democracy often dates her.

How long this puppet-show goes on, how long can we endure it?
All that was beautiful is sick and money cannot cure it!
We let be ruled by liars who feed on limbo and confusion...
What does it take to overthrow this miserable institution?

Hope is a habit to give up and so’s anticipation.
Love conquered all, love took it all, never made a donation.
And we’re too civilised to hate, too sensitive to reason.
And we are qualified enough to tolerate treason.

Our souls rot in the internet, we’re almost nuclear shadows.
We are the cul de sac, the porno freak-show and the black rose.
Glittering bank accounts pretend to care inside their stupor.
We are rebellion, we are art, and now it’s time we shoot for...
The earth.

No heroes! no idols! no stereotypes!
No morals! no doctrines! no wrongs and rights!

07. STARCRY - back to tracklist

Draw the curtains, the play has already begun
Draw the curtains, draw the curtains!

The cherubs have served their sinister wine
and demons are praying for your fall.

Descend in the core of Centauri-Beta.
The poison you bear is the poison you share.

Follow the puppets! the butterfly whispered,
Let us descend to the core of your soul!

Draw the curtains, the demons are waiting
Make yourself comfortable, this is your home.

Seduce me with loneliness,
I am your audience.
Show me your galaxy,
I am your ghost.
And now...

Close your eyes, you’re inside the sideshow,
“Imminent neverness”, exclusively for your grace.

The demons between your ruins, are having you finally
but no-one must find out you’ve been here before.
No-one must find out you’ve been here before.
No-one must find out you’ve been here at all.

Sail to this fairy-land across all dreams dead and dreams to die.
You’re acting 'the vapors of the Circa nebula'.
Lay down your code system - Enter the Starcry!
Enter the Starcry, across all dreams dead and dreams to die...
Enter the Starcry,
Enter the Starcry,
Alone !

08. BUGDAD - back to tracklist




09. COAL DANCE - back to tracklist

(Translated from Greek:)

Epsilon, Lamda, Epsilon, Ypsilon, Theta, Epsilon, Ro, Iota, Alpha. (=L.I.B.E.R.T.Y.)

No mercy. No mercy.

Chilling radiation, Nuclear slappings, Bitter orgasms.
Mock-charity, Forgiven back-stabbing, Series repeat.
Mechanical stimulation, Anal scorching, Sperm, shit and tongue.

Sawdust of love, Crumpled erection, Whore loneliness.
Saint contempt, Poverty detested, Dreams of a worm.
Soul-ripping shop-window, Germ-addiction, Police-religion.

Authoritarian violence, Mass suicide, 580 euros.
Dogmatic stupidity, Genetal pulpification, Translation fraud.
Interracial self-rejection, Racial siphoning, Biochemical masturbation.


No mercy. No mercy.

10. THE 7th MOON - back to tracklist

The cycle will be completed
and it will be the seventh moon
and at its zenith, seven dragons will rise.
All water will be poisonous.
All dreams will bleed murder.
Only those already dead once will continue
to walk this earth long enough
to witness the fall of our sun,
the end of our world.

I can grant you this gift,
if you fall unto me tonight,
I can grant you a flight
on their leathery wings,
when the dragons will hover
above water and mountains,
to kiss the very last sunset adieu.
All you have to do is let go,
now and then, alike.
This is the sign of the horns.
This is the time of the omens.

This is the sign of the horns.
This is the time of the omens.

This is the time
for the Starcry
to be heard,
This is the time
for your nightmares
to come true.

This is the sign of the horns.
This is the time of the omens

11. CHARM 2 - back to tracklist

The essence of nowhere
The great in-between
The core of indifference
What couldn’t have been
Begone, evil spell, begone!

The wail of phantasmata
The call of the lost
The faith of the desperate
The chill in the frost
Begone, evil spell, begone!

A requiem to sanity
The hope of the damned
A praise to all vanity
A tower of sand
Begone, evil spell, begone!

All love unaccomplished
All dreams unfulfilled
All pride demolished
The joke that got killed
Begone, evil spell, begone!

The color of misery
The danse-macabre
A serene severity
A psychic massacre
Begone, evil spell, begone!

A plea to the zodiac
A prayer to the tides
Our mental indemnity
This is an ode to life
Begone, evil spell, begone!

The curse be lifted!
The curse be lifted!
Begone, evil spell, begone!


12. FROG - back to tracklist

My friend, I’ve lost my frog in a well.
My friend, I’ve lost my prince inside a garden.
The tree, the snake...
My father! don’t leave me here!
My friend, I’ve lost my soul in a mirror.
Come here, in my world, and find it for me.
No fear, no pain, just walk on the water!
Call my name! My name goes forever on.

13. ETERNAL MISERY - back to tracklist

Eternal misery...

No hope, there’s no hope, here, at all!
Too many humanoids, too many lies;
not enough money, not enough luck;
too much suffering, too much despair;
too many blowjobs, too many gods!

Welcome to Hell.

14. FEIGNING PLEASURE - back to tracklist

Look, now, with your new, vampire eyes...
Look! The shadows are alive!
Taste the darkness,
hear the echo of the sunlight you will never see again.
Touch the warm skin of your victims,
feel the beauty of mortality.
Hunt for pleasure... Hunt for pleasure...
But you can’t be satisfied!
You’re feigning it! You’re feigning it!
You can’t feel!

Look, now! Look, the desert
and the graveyard and your soul are so alike.
Is it lonely? Does it hurt when you’re in love?
Does it hurt when you’re...?
Can you smell the blood, underneath the swolen flesh?
Can you smell the blood?
Are you gonna come, when I perish in your arms?
Are you gonna come, when I die?
You’re feigning it! You’re feigning it!
You can’t feel!

You’re feigning it - You’re feigning it!
You can feel no emotion!
No emotion.
No emotion.
No emotion.
No emotion.



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